CD1d Monomer

Investigate natural killer cells (NKT) with CD1d monomers

CD1d is part of the Immudex portfolio of high-quality MHC monomers. The monomers are available empty or preloaded with the lipid α-Galactosylceramide (α-GalCer) that specifically interacts with the TCR of invariant natural killer cells (iNKT). The monomers are conveniently biotinylated which enables attachment to Streptavidin in various types of assay development, such as:

  • Lipid antigen and TCR discovery
  • NKT cell stimulation and enrichment
  • Assembly of CD1d multimers

The CD1d Product Portfolio

Immudex provides flexibility to your iNKT cell research by offering biotinylated CD1d Monomers and CD1d Dextramer® and CD1d dCODE Dextramer® reagents for your assay of choice.

Discover Immudex Monomers

MHC Monomers

For interaction with CD4+ and CD8+ T cells


MR1 Monomers

For interaction with ligand-specific MAIT cells


HLA-E and HLA-G Monomers

For interaction with antigen-specific NK and T cells


Order CD1d Monomers

You can order your CD1d Monomers from the webshop below. Alternatively, please send an e-mail to [email protected] specifying information on:

  • Your preferred reagent format: Human or mouse CD1d Monomer
  • Your preferred ligand; α-GalCer or empty
  • Amount

*Higher amounts or test sizes are available upon request.

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Do you have questions about our CD1d products, implementing our technology into your experimental workflow, protocol optimization, or data analysis and interpretation?
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