Deeper Analysis of Ligand-Specific MAIT cells with MR1 dCODE Dextramer® Technology

Investigate Functional Responses, Molecular Mechanisms, and Clonal Expansion with MR1 dCODE Dextramer®

Next-Generation Sequencing and Single-cell Multi-omics are powerful methods to deeply characterize mucosal-associated invariant T cells (MAIT) cells with information on ligand specificity, surface protein and gene expression along with TCR sequences.

With an optimized number of human MR1-ligand complexes, PE fluorophores, and a unique DNA barcode, MR1 dCODE Dextramer® reagents enable comprehensive analysis of mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells by single-cell multi-omics.

Investigate Functional Responses, Molecular Mechanisms, and Clonal Expansion with MR1 dCODE Dextramer®

Whether MR1 Monomers, MR1 Dextramer® or MR1 dCODE Dextramer® reagents, Immudex offers two ligands, preloaded into the MR1 Monomer:

  • 5-OP-RU: potent activator. Derived from the condensation of microbial 5-A-RU with methylglyoxal
  • 6-FP: Negative Control. A photosynthetic breakdown product of folic acid that is non-stimulatory for most MAIT cells.

Custom ligand-MR1 specificities can be requested through Custom Solutions and Services.

Decoding the MAIT cell TCR Characteristics

The unique DNA barcode of MR1 dCODE Dextramer® seamlessly integrates into the BD Rhapsody™ or 10x Chromium workflow allowing you to couple the ligand specificity with surface marker expression, gene expression, and TCR sequence data for a deeper understanding of MAIT cells and their complex biology.


In a proof of concept study, we analyzed the TCRs of 171 CD3+ CD161+ 5-OP-RU-specific MAIT cells using MR1 dCODE Dextramer®. Intriguingly, the majority of the analyzed TCRs belonged to the TRAV V1-2*01 subtype and generally exhibited low variability.

Learn more about compatibility with the BD Rhapsody™ or 10x Chromium platforms.

The MR1 Product Portfolio

Immudex provides flexibility to your MAIT cell research by offering biotinylated Monomers and MR1 Dextramer® reagents in addition to MR1 dCODE Dextramer® technology for your assay of choice.

Mouse MR1 reagents and custom ligand-MR1 complexes can be requested through Custom Solutions and Services.

MR1 Monomer







Optimize for Your Assay of Choice

20, 100, 200 µg

MR1 Dextramer®




In situ
Flow Cytometry
25, 50, 150 tests

MR1 dCODE Dextramer®

Single-cell Multi-omics
25, 50 tests

Push the Limits of Your Research with MR1 dCODE Dextramer® Technology

MR1 dCODE Dextramer® technology provides better research tools to:

  • Understand MAIT cell function. Combined with surface markers and gene expression, investigate ligand specificity with great sensitivity and resolution for a better understanding of MAIT cell ligand recognition, function, and regulation in different stages of for instance cancer
  • Identify new clonotypes. Link ligand recognition to TCR clonotype to identify or track disease specific MAIT cell clonotype development down to a single-cell level in homeostasis, disease, or therapy.

Comprehensive Ligand-Specific Analysis down to the Single-Cell Level

Select ligand-specific TCRs for MAIT cell-based therapy using MR1 Dextramer® or MR1 dCODE Dextramer® reagents:

  • Flow cytometry
  • Single-cell multi-omics
    o Gene expression
    o Surface marker expression 
    o V(D)J Sequencing


  • Detect and characterize TCR candidates
  • Identify TCR sequences for TCR gene cloning and MAIT cell transduction
  • Select TCR Candidate for MAIT cell Therapy


MR1 dCODE Dextramer® staining and library preparation follows the same process as for dCODE Dextramer®. Find the protocols on our protocol page.

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Order MR1 dCODE Dextramer®

To order MR1 Products, please send an e-mail to [email protected] specifying information on:

  • Your preferred reagent format: MR1 dCODE Dextramer®
  • Your preferred ligand; 6-FP and 5-OP-RU
  • Test size

Please note: MR1 dCODE Dextramer® is available as a standard product with the PE fluorochrome, or with FITC or APC fluorochromes (or no fluorochrome) via Custom Solutions and Services.






MR1 dCODE Dextramer®

Human MR1



25 / 50 /150 tests*

MR1 dCODE Dextramer®

Human MR1



25 / 50 /150 tests*

*Higher amounts or test sizes are available upon request.


Do you have questions about the MR1 dCODE Dextramer® technology, implementing our technology into your experimental workflow, protocol optimization, or data analysis and interpretation?

Our technical support team consists of highly skilled scientists that are here to empower you to improve your results, provide you with the tools for success, and share our expertise.