Exceptional MHC Monomers to Push the Boundaries of Your Research

Flexible MHC Monomers to Advance Your Studies

Immudex provides a comprehensive portfolio of high‑quality, ready‑to‑use or peptide-receptive easYmers® MHC I powered by immunAware and U-Load® MHC II Monomers, giving you the flexibility to advance your research in a range of areas:

The Immudex MHC Monomer Portfolio

There are numerous reasons to work with MHC monomers from Immudex – from longer shelf-life of reagents to more flexible staining schemes. Plus, the Immudex MHC monomer portfolio covers a broad spectrum of formats, alleles, and labeling options. Clinical-grade MHC Monomers (GMP) are also available.

Ready-to-Use Monomers

MHC-peptide complexes and MR1 monomers ready for assembly into lab-built multimers or for other applications​

Peptide-Receptive Solutions

Peptide-receptive easYmers® MHC I powered by immunAware and U-Load MHC II monomers

Custom MHC Monomers

Let our team of experts in Custom Solutions and Services produce custom MHC monomers tailored to your needs

Clinical-grade MHC Monomers (GMP)

Ready-to-use MHC monomers produced and tested under strict quality